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Length: in. Mass: ozm lbm g kg ozm lbm g kg. Weight: oz. Oriental Motor offers a wide range of motion control products to meet a wide range of applications, select the appropriate application type below.

Speed Control Stepper Motors. Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators. Free Shipping for Online Orders. Terms and conditions apply. AC motors and gear motors include single-phase motors used with a single-phase AC power supply and three-phase motors used with a three-phase AC power supply.

A single-phase motor can be operated by simply connecting it to a single-phase power supply via the supplied capacitor. A three-phase motor does not require a capacitor.

The RPM / Brake controller SET for DC Geared motor /

All you need is to connect the motor directly to a three-phase AC power supply. AC speed control motors and gear motors allow for the motor speed to be changed. By combining an AC motor with a dedicated control circuit speed changes can be performed. The gears in these NEMA C-Face speed reducers are high strength, maintenance free and can be mounted in any direction with their slip fit "O" ring design.

Low to high reduction ratios, flange mount or foot mount types, right angle or hollow shaft right angle types available. Constant speed motors come in various types as shown below. Select from a wide range of products depending on the application, required functions, output, etc.

The basic speed synchronous speed of a standard AC motor is determined by the power supply frequency and the number of poles. Many of our standard AC motors have four poles, so their synchronous speed is as follows:. With our motors, the speed roughly falls within the following ranges at a load torque equivalent to the rated torque:.

The rated speed of our standard AC motors are set within the above ranges and shown in each motor's specifications. To calculate a more accurate machine speed, use the rated speed as a reference.

The power supply frequency varies from region to region. In the case of automated equipment used in different regions, change the gear ratio of the gearhead or take the appropriate measure to obtain the desired speed. These motors can be easily operated from an AC power supply.

Single-phase and three-phase motors are available. Generating a greater starting torque and having a built-in friction brake, these single-phase AC motors allow for instantaneous switching of rotation direction. These AC motors adopt a power off activated type electromagnetic brake to hold the load in position when the power is cut off.

Geared AC motors of excellent watertight, dust-resistant structure. A special rotor is used to provide large starting torque and sloping characteristics torque is highest at zero speed and decreases steadily with increasing speed. The torque can be changed by changing the applied voltage. Equipped with an electromagnetic clutch and brake at the motor output shaft.

High frequency starting and stopping is possible while the motor is operating. Uses the same stator and rotor as stepping motors. The motor offers superb starting, stopping and reversing characteristics as well as synchronous operation.NORD produces three series of gear motors with high output torques and gear efficiencies for a wide variety of applications in more than industries. We work closely with our customers to find the optimum solution for their requirements.

AC/DC Motors & Brakes

Millions of NORD gear motors are already in use throughout the world and provide ultimate performance in various industries every day. Our gear motors provide superior performance in addition to high axial and radial load capacity. Thanks to NORD's modular design concept, customers also benefit from industry leading delivery times. Powerful The gear units provide high axial and radial load capacities and achieve high drive torques up tolb-in.

Flexible When required, NORD can furnish customizable gear motor solutions with options like brakes, encoders and many more! Modular Thanks to our modular design, you can combine the gearboxes with all motors from the NORD product offering. Our AC electric gear motors achieve torques of up tolb-in and speed ratios of up to 14, NORD gear units run quietly and efficiently and can be operated at adjustable speeds with the aid of a variable speed drive.

Would you like to know more? Click here. Gear motors for food production machinery must be hygienic and energy efficient because the production process consumes a large amount of energy. NORD parallel shaft gear motors not only have a smooth housing surface, but also operate with minimal efficiency loss.

If you buy a gear motor from NORD, you get the most out of your production plants! Read more about our parallel shaft geared motors. In intralogistics, products and other goods often have to travel long distances.

Conveyor operations consume a lot of energy and are cost intensive as a result. Our LogiDrive system combined with a two-stage helical bevel and super premium efficient IE4 synchronous motor considerably reduces your operating costs. You are here Home Products Gear Drives NORD produces three series of gear motors with high output torques and gear efficiencies for a wide variety of applications in more than industries.

Benefits of NORD gear motors Powerful The gear units provide high axial and radial load capacities and achieve high drive torques up tolb-in.

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Read more about our parallel shaft geared motors Gear motors for intralogistics applications In intralogistics, products and other goods often have to travel long distances.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Certification Ccc Ce Rohs Ul.

Contact Supplier. Dc Motor 24v with Brake Geared with 12v 24v 90v v Kg.

Clutch & Brake Motors

Wholesale 50mm diameter 12mm shaft low voltage 12v 24v 30nm 90w cw ccw dc planetary metal gear motor with brake for Fire curtain.

Electric 12v 24 v dc worm gear motor. Our products are widely applied to machine tools, industrial robot, textile machine, packing machine, food machine,medical appliance, CNC system and air condition and so on! Top Quality safer driving electric wheelchair motor With clutch.

Electric Geared hub motor with electromagnetic brake. Chinese suppliers 12v w dc worm gear motor with 48CPR encoder. Other High quality 35mm replace dc maxon coreless motor. Highly diversified product lines and solution of control system to meet your demands. We strive to offer the best product and solution for your business at an honest price. Put simply, if you want a partner who cares about your business choose Nakin.

DMKE mm 16nm dc brushed motor carbon brush with brake 24v w watts. How about warranty9 Motor 2 years,lithium battery 1 year,ebike parts half an year. What's the delivery time9 Sample's delivery time is 7 days,order's delivery time is days according to quantity. Can i order spare parts9 Yes,we have all parts available for our products.

Please do not put the motor together with magnetic products. Highly standard flange mounting worm gear speed reducer with W dc motor. The square aluminum gearbox is manufactured based on GB cylindrical gear parameter. During the process, many advanced technologies are adopted.Brakes in gear motors are accessories that let the motor maintain a correction position in electric transmission systems.

Nowadays, its use has been divided into two major groups: conventional gear motors with brake and the new brakes which use electromagnetic systems. Speed reducers with brakes may be used in several systems. Their use is safety equipment is quite interesting. For example, in automatic garage doorsthe brake could lock the door at the top of its run to prevent it from falling due to gravity.

In regard to their operation, we can find two main options: open brake and closed brake. The difference between both models lies in the way in which the brake works. In some cases, it will be engaged when powered down, while in others, it will only work as long as it is powered up. On the other hand, we can find other braking systems that employ ratchets as a mechanical brake.

More specifically, the ratchet prevents it from turning in one direction, and allows it to turn in the other one. Brake control systems enable the connection of the starter coil, to then activate the stopping coil. Response times of the brakes during start-up are a key aspect. The sooner a brake is activated, the lesser the heat and wear of a motor during start-up, and the greater the energy savings.

Reaction times when the flow of direct and alternating current stop are another important factor when designing gear motors with brakes. The faster the magnetic field is eliminated and the sooner the braking effect takes place, the sooner it will provide the motion we seek, and the safer the entire system will be. On the other hand, thanks to a high response speed, the braking precision required for braking improves, as well as the positioning during ungoverned service. The safety of these systems when a power shortage takes place is also an important factor.

Likewise, another key factor for safety is offering a precise response to all nominal loads that affect the system. For any indoor application that requires low decibel levels, noise levels will have to be kept well in mind for these systems. This is a key factor for positioning systems. Dispersion values in the braking run have to be kept in mind.

This mechanical property may be limited if we shorten reaction times. In this manner, we achieve a greater stopping precision. These brakes can exert a greater force than mechanical ones, without resulting in greater shaft wear. Generally, they are more precise, since they can be controlled by electronic means and programming.

In addition, these brakes have a greater brake torque, high load grip and significant heat dissipation capabilities. Another common solution in actuator braking systems is the application of 2 parallel motors with individual brakes. This is not a recommended solution, since its application results in greater costs and use of space. To address this issue, the use of double disc brakes offers the possibility of designing a safe braking system with 2 partial brakes acting on a single actuator.

Do you need to add a braking system to an actuator? Contact our team and we will study your case in order to offer you the best braking solution for your project. On every electromechanical engineering project, it is of utmost importance to think about how each…. Some aspects that are usually taken into account by machinery manufacturers are the properties of…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Length: in. Mass: ozm lbm g kg ozm lbm g kg.

Weight: oz. Oriental Motor offers a wide range of motion control products to meet a wide range of applications, select the appropriate application type below.

Speed Control Stepper Motors. Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators. Free Shipping for Online Orders. Terms and conditions apply.

This compact, precision AC motor is equipped with an internal clutch and brake mechanism for use with a gearhead. CB motors have a 3. The CB motor is designed so that it runs continuously.

gear motor with brake

This gives the advantage of quicker response time and higher torque in order to move the load. Output shaft rotation is controlled through the use of the clutch and brake mechanism. The load is stopped by disengaging the clutch and applying the brake.

The motor is always affected by the rotor inertia. However, with a clutch and brake unit, the load is not affected by the rotor inertia. For these reasons, CB motors boast superior response over other AC standard motors, starting and stopping in considerably less time. To meet high-frequency, starting and stopping applications, Oriental Motor uses an induction motor for its continuous duty rating.

An induction motor is best suited for uni-directional movements. The CB motor is not suitable for frequent bi-directional starting and stopping motion. The combination of a constantly rotating induction motor and a clutch and brake unit enables high-frequency starting and stopping. The compact design simplifies handling and enables the drive unit of the machine to be mounted in a small area.

GC-type and GCH-type gearheads are specifically designed for the CB motors and boast excellent impact resistance, greater strength and high reliability.One of the world's largest fine-pitch gear manufacturers that meet industry demands for power transmission components.

Learn more about our 5-Year Warranty. Brother Gearmotors are used in a wide range of industries and applications. More than 50 years of manufacturing expertise mean the highest quality gearmotors and reducers for a range of industries. Our products are manufactured in cutting-edge facilities both domestically and internationally. Brother Gearmotor delivers the ultimate peace-of-mind by offering an industry leading warranty: a full five years on our entire line of standard products.

Have questions about gearmotors? Brother has the answers! Whether you know the ins and outs of gearmotors, or want to know which gearmotor is the best for your business, we can help. Read on to learn more about gearmotors and how to find the top gearmotors on the market! A gearmotor is the result of combining an electric motor with a gearbox into one streamlined device. Gearmotors are typically used when there is a need for high torque output as well as lower shaft speed.

Gearmotors offer a cost-effective and reliable option for many applications, providing you with superior energy efficiency without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Gearmotors can be used anywhere, from your home in the form of a can opener to lifting heavy machinery in commercial jacks. Remember, not all gearmotors are created equal; the best gearmotors will provide you with reliability, consistency, and performance you can trust.

Here are some of the things you should look for when shopping for gearmotors:. When it comes to finding the best gearmotors for your business, compatibility is key. Does the gearmotor match up in terms of torque, speed, and efficiency? Depending on the particular application you need it for, there are a variety of features to look for in gearmotors.

Some of the features include:. Item Description. Unit Price. Item Total. Limit 2 per customer Promotion Applied. Shopping Cart Items Estimated Total:. Product Configurator. Find a Sales Representative.

gear motor with brake

RPM 1 2 3 4 6 9 10 12 15 18 20 25 30 31 36 41 45 50 60 62 72 83 90 Search Part:. Search Part.Brush-commutated spur gear DC motors, direct current motors. These spur gear DC motors include a range of supply voltages between V and can, depending on the type, be supplied with or without encoder. Existing gear types are planetary gears or spur gears.

EMC filters can be obtained as capacitors or varistors. For some types, carbon brushes or metal brushes can also be selected. All motors can be customized per request. Common customizations are shaft dimensions, cable connections and cabling. Read more here about customizations and please contact us for further information. My account Checkout. Show filter. Spur gear DC-motors, direct current motors Brush-commutated spur gear DC motors, direct current motors.

Planetary gear. Spur gear. Worm gear dc motors. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 6,3rpm 4,22W. In stock. Spin Up Spin Down.

gear motor with brake

Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 56rpm 4,22W. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 46,3rpm 4,22W. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 37,5rpm 4,22W. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 32rpm 4,22W. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 28,8rpm 4,22W. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A rpm 4,22W. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 24rpm 4,22W. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 19,5rpm 4,22W. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 15,2rpm 4,22W. Spur gear motor 12V 2,1A 12,1rpm 4,22W. Back Cancel Done.

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