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You must be a full digital subscriber to read this article. You must be a digital subscriber to view this article. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. Updated: April 18, pm. Mike Anderson, a longtime auctioneer and owner of Abingdon Auto Auction, will call the shots as items — large and small — will cross his auction block on March Joanna Anderson sits inside a prison bus, just one of many items in the Virginia Department of Transportation surplus auction open to the public at her family-owned Abingdon Auto Auction in Bristol, Va.

Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee buyers have had to travel for the past six years to towns like Harrisonburg, Va. Now with the return of the auction to Bristol, previews are set March Those beasts are dump trucks. The metal-toothed mouths are scraper blades, salt spreader beds and so forth. They are among a large amount of Virginia Department of Transportation surplus scheduled for pub-lic auction on March 23 at Abingdon Auto Auction located off Interstate 81 exit 10 and just off Lee High-way between Bristol and Abingdon.

Time was when Stophel, a contractor in the earth-moving business, traveled 25 minutes from his home to Bristol, Va. When those auctions ended in Bristol and shifted to Harrisonburg, he stopped going to them. Registered bidders will have a chance alright. You can fax us. You can come by and register. Do so and have a shot at some Stihl chainsaws, pole saws and weed trimmers. He said that he will attend the auction and that odds are high that he will buy something. For instance, he may buy a grader.

Like many experienced auction-goers, Stophal has something of a budget in mind for what he might be willing to pay for a grader. Stophal will surely greet auctioneer Mike Anderson come March Objects large and small for dollars few and dollars many will change ownership faster than the Roadrunner runs.

Anderson stopped speaking. He waited. Then faster than the Roadrunner beep-beeps by Wiley Coyote, he blazed into tongue-twisting auctioneer mode. Some folks are called to preach the word of God. There are those whose dreams aim for lives as lawyers, farmers, musicians, teachers and business leaders.This project is being advertised as a multiple bid project.

The project plans will exhibit three separate scopes for possible work to be done. Only one scope will be constructed. All three scopes will be open to bidding. The project includes drainage improvements, curb and gutter, sidewalks and utility coordination. The roundabout will be in concrete with asphalt approaches.

The project consists of wrong way driving traffic control enhancement phase 1 which includes signing and signal head upgrades. This project is located on US from mile point MP Consisting of a double lift chipseal with a micro-surfacing top lift.

The first lift of chips will be Type 2 and the second lift will be Type 1. Micro-surfacing will be placed on top of both lifts of chips. Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc. Work includes concrete and asphalt roadway widening work, barrier and slope paving removal and replacement, guard rail placement, and removing and installing signs and sign structures.

This project is on US highway between MP Replacement of faded sign panels along with inlaid stripping. Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. This project is on SH 92 beginning at MP Work consists of constructing two roundabouts, ramp realignment, bridge widening, signals, embankment, and concrete pavement.

Other work includes sidewalk, curb and gutter, drainage pipe and various utility relocation. Castlerock Construction Co. This project consists of full depth reclamation, shoulder widening, crown adjustment, and cross slope correction from MP 6. Replacement of culvert with two 30inch pipes and existing driveway.

This project will consist of refreshing existing crosswalks, stop bars, word and symbol pavement markings with inlaid preformed thermoplastic material.

All pavement markings and stencils shall be ground to create a recessed groove as indicated in the detailed quantity spreadsheet. Rural Road Resurfacing project along SH 34 in Granby, mile marker 0 to 15, includes full width overlay with many access roadways and driveways, compacted shoulder gravel as well as type 3 guardrail replacement and striping.Getting Started with Bid Express.

Select the My BidX logo in the upper right hand corner of the site. Choose Loginthen enter your account name and password. Choose the version of Expedite Bid that your state is currently using. Note : If you bid in multiple state you will need a separate version of Expedite Bid for each state.

Click on the Download Expedite Bid link and fill in the appropriate information. You may navigate each proposal to download individual EBS files as well. If an amendment file has been posted it is typically available right underneath the corresponding EBS file for the project.

The amendment file has a. Once you have determined which search you will be using, click in the Keywords field for that search. From the Tools menu select Digital IDs. From the Tools menu select Bid Submission. From the Tools menu select View Submitted Bids. Logging into Bid Express for the first time : 1. Choose your state from the US map or the drop down box. Downloading Expedite Bid software : 1.

Type in your keyword s and click Search. Select Create ID. Follow the View Bids Wizard.A State Transportation Agency's STA's procedures for soliciting and awarding construction contracts are an important part of the competitive bidding process.

To ensure a competitive contracting environment, STAs should develop effective prequalification programs and other procedures to ensure fairness in the pre-bid solicitation process and post award review of construction bids. In addition, the STA's procedures for developing a reliable engineer's estimate are critical to the success of such programs.

Road and Bridge Standards

The engineer's estimate should reflect a fair and reasonable cost of the project in sufficient detail to provide an accurate estimate of the financial obligations to be incurred by the State and FHWA and permit an effective review and comparison of the bids received.

This guideline replaces Technical Advisory "T In general, contractor prequalification is used to help determine the quantity and type of work a firm is capable of undertaking. Normally the firm's resources, its financial assets, work experience, and its staffing capability must all be identified for it to become prequalified. Some States that do not require prequalification find it necessary to collect some information via a financial statement or some other abbreviated process.

These States do not specify the type of work or limit the size of project a firm may bid upon because they feel prequalification may restrict competition unduly.

Other States do not prequalify but instead rely on the contractor's ability to provide a performance bond. The FHWA does not require prequalification, but if a STA elects to prequalify contractors, such procedures must not restrict competition. Prequalification has been identified by some of the States as a useful tool for gathering pertinent information on the intricate management details of a contractor's firm.

Another possible use would be to determine the relationship of firms bidding on any one project. Specific information that should be collected from a firm includes the following: financial resources, principal individuals in the firm anyone having a 10 percent or more interest in the firmall affiliates or subsidiary companies including material sources, available equipment, work experience, individuals and organizations that have control or influence over the firm's bidding procedures, and whether the firm has ever been suspended or debarred from bidding and the related circumstances.

The instructions for completing the work experience section of the pre-qualification form should require that the firm identify all projects for which it was the prime contractor and those on which it worked as a subcontractor during at least the past two years as well as the contracting agency for those projects.

Also, the contracting agency should describe the penalties for making false statements in the pre-qualification process. A sworn anti-collusion statement should be included as part of the bid proposal package. Under the 23 CFR The FHWA in consultation with the DOJ has concluded that non-collusion statement may be either an un-sworn declaration made under penalty of perjury under the laws of the U.

These certifications could serve as important evidence in the event that collusion or bid rigging is discovered at a later date. If any bidder submits a false statement, sanctions could then be taken against the firm. All States should have standard specifications that address the issue of evidence of collusion among bidders. In addition to rejection of a firm's proposal, the specification should advise that collusive bidding is a violation of the law and could result in criminal prosecution, civil damage actions, and State and Federal administrative sanctions.

Confidentiality of the bidders' list those firms that have taken out plans and a bid proposal document has both advantages and possible disadvantages. Competition for projects by bidders is an integral part of a successful construction program. An effort should be made by the contracting agency to maximize the competition by a number of methods.

If a State law or regulation exists which requires that more than one bid be submitted before award can be made, efforts should be made to revise or repeal it. There is evidence that in those cases where only one contractor was interested in a project and the multiple bid requirements existed, the firm actually contacted other contractors to submit a complementary bid so award could be made. If only one bid is submitted and it far exceeds the estimate, it should be rejected; but if it is at or below the estimate, it should be considered for award.

The STAs should consider escrowing bid documents where it is administratively feasible to do so.

Getting Started With Bid Express

Section The critical review of any bid depends on the reliability of the estimate it is being compared to. Therefore, State Transportation Agencies STAs are strongly urged to devote sufficient attention to preparation of estimates using the same level of detail as the contracting industry.

The engineer's estimate should reflect the amount that the contracting agency considers fair and reasonable and is willing to pay for performance of the contemplated work.

Under-estimating causes project delay while additional funding has to be arranged to meet the contract costs. On the other hand, over-estimating causes inefficient use of funds that could be used for other projects.

In addition, the engineer's estimate serves as the benchmark for analyzing bids and is an essential element in the project approval process. There are three basic approaches to estimating: actual cost, historic data, and a combination of historic data and actual cost.The contractor or subcontractor must insert this form in each subcontract excluding purchase orders, rental agreements and other agreements for supplies or services.

Due to infrequent public attendance at readings of bids, the Indiana Department of Transportation will rely on the electronic posting of Apparent Bid Results on the INDOT webpage to replace the public reading of bids beginning March 18, With advanced notice, INDOT is happy to accommodate anyone who wishes an in person reading of individual bids.

At this time the in person reading will not be availble until the COVID restrictions have been lifted. We are sorry if this is an inconvenience. Choose the appropriate letting date to view notices, notifications, the bidders list, updates or to download the letting's registration form.

Click here to request Existing Plans for advertised contracts. January 15, — Regular Letting. January 24, — Special Letting.

January 29, — Special Letting. February 05, — Regular Letting. February 19, — Special Letting. March 04, — Regular Letting.

vdot bid items

March 18, — Special Letting. April 01, — Regular Letting. April 15, — Special Letting. May 07, — Regular Letting. No Letting. July 08, — Regular Letting. August 05, — Regular Letting. September 02, — Regular Letting. October 07, — Regular Letting. November 10, — Regular Letting. December 09, — Regular Letting. Find certified DBEs through the use of the Directory. The Bid Express service is available on the Internet at www.

The Bid Express service also enables electronic bid bond verification.

Slab Auction #1

ZIP file. Later in the letting advertisement period individual amendment files may need to be downloaded and loaded into an.

vdot bid items

Contract proposals are organized in the downloaded files by their assigned letting call numbers. A bidder will open the original. A dialog window appears displaying appropriate available downloaded amendments, such as: 25Jan2. The bidder can then click on the listed amendment for the call no. The original. You can repeat the above steps when another addendum file is issued. Customer Support for the Bid Express service is available by phone or email Monday through Friday from a.Try new features in Bid Express Labs.

Learn More. Increase efficiency and save money in bidding for your agency and bidders with Internet bidding. Get more bidders and more competitive bids. Omit errors and reduce staff time.

Provide plan sheets, bid tabs and more! Get all the bidding tools you need in one place. Save time and money with secure, online bid submission, Online Plan Sheets service, Analysis Suite service, and quote exchanges with subs through the Small Business Network. Get in-the-know with easy access to proposal information. Use key word searches to find projects to bid on and easily find the plan holders for those jobs.

Provide instant quotes to primes via Small Business Network. Terms of Use Training Center. Select a U. Agency: Select a U. Email: Password: Not a member?

vdot bid items

Join now! Forgot your password? Agencies Overview Increase efficiency and save money in bidding for your agency and bidders with Internet bidding. Bidders Overview Get all the bidding tools you need in one place. Subs and Suppliers Get in-the-know with easy access to proposal information.Thank you. You'll be able to give us more details about your need after you tell us where it is in the next step. VDOT is responsible for mowing vegetation on state maintained roadways only. Mowing is scheduled on an annual basis and typically begins in late April and ends in late October.

On Low-volume primary, most secondary roads, and subdivision routes, crews will mow up to nine feet from the pavement edge.

Safety is our top priority. If citizens feel that there is a safety or sight-distance issue we ask that they report it to us and we will investigate it. Note: Street name signs are typically maintained by localities, so please contact your locality first for related requests. Please continue on to give us more details about the compliment on the following pages. The website provides information about lane closures, the ability to view traffic cameras, and the option to sign up for email alerts to deliver personalized, real-time traffic information on roads of interest.

HOV lanes allow users to travel faster, while also freeing up congestion in regular lanes. Find out how HOV lanes work and where they're available below. E-ZPass speeds up the process of passing through tolls by letting drivers prepay electronically.

Drivers attach a small electronic device to their windshield or license plate and tolls are automatically deducted.

All driver and vehicle licensing and registration in Virginia is handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles, an agency separate from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Any questions related to driver or vehicle licenses and registration should be answered on the DMV website. The Virginia Department of Transportation conducts numerous projects and studies to determine the need, costs and impacts of proposed highway projects across the commonwealth.

The Virginia Department of Transportation makes it easy for you to do business with us. The Adopt-a-Highway program provides an opportunity for you or your family, business or civic group to clean up litter. Inmore than 1, groups totaling more than 16, participants collected upwards of 25, bags of waste. Most importantly, we serve more than eight million residents!

There are plenty of opportunities to make your mark. The Virginia Department of Transportation VDOT is responsible for building, maintaining and operating the state's roads, bridges and tunnels. Virginia has the third-largest state-maintained highway system in the country, behind Texas and North Carolina. As you continue through this form, please tell us where you'd like us to consider adding new signs or traffic devices and why you think they are important.

Individuals who believe that they suffered damage to their property due to the negligence of VDOT or its employees may submit a claim for potential reimbursement. To give crews a chance to finish their assigned routes, VDOT asks that you wait until 48 hours after the storm has ended before reporting missed roads. In addition to plowing streets, VDOT uses salt and sand to treat roads.

Salt is most effective after the snow has accumulated about an inch and the temperature is 27 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. A neighborhood street is considered passable when a path is drivable with caution for an average passenger vehicle.

The road may not be cleared curb-to-curb or to bare pavement, and may remain snow-packed, uneven and rutted. Snow plows occasionally block driveways with snow. VDOT would avoid this if possible, however it is a by-product of making as many roads passable as quickly as possible. When shoveling driveways, it helps to shovel to the right as you face the road.

This can minimize the snow pushed back into your driveway. In subdivisions, the main roads will be repeatedly plowed. Once the storm has stopped and those roads are clear, crews focus on residential streets and cul-de-sacs. Trucks with their blades up may be spreading salt and sand or may be headed back to the maintenance yard for more salt or abrasives.

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